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tisdag, mars 30, 2010

Chile, rapport om jordbävningen nr 1

Vi har fått information om situationen i de jordbävningsdrabbade områdena i de chilenska vindistrikten från Helen Albano på Barndabout SA,, en marknadsförings- och kommunikationsorganisation för chilenska vingårdar:

“Last week was a very eventful week in which information surrounding the real situation in the effected regions and the vineyards was both difficult to get hold of and understand the implications for the next few months. Towards the end of the week however and today, the picture has become much clearer and I would like to share this information with you.

Please remember that the worst affected areas are the coastal areas immediate around Conception which were badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. These are the principal areas which are shown on television, showing complete devastation and they are not the areas in which the vineyards are located.

We have now been in touch with approx. 90% of our client vineyards in Chile. Almost all of them have experienced some losses to their infrastructure in their bodega, a minimal loss of wine and in a few cases also suffered structural damage to their commercial offices in Santiago.[...]

In Santiago, business has now resumed and is operating normally. The road networks are good and there are no visible effects of the earthquake except in very isolated areas – mainly the older parts of Santiago. All communications channels are now working and we have good internet, mobile and fixed line telephone connections. All the shops have resumed business and restaurants have re-opened.

The main highways to the North (Ruta 5) and to the coast (Ruta 68, Ruta 78) are completely open and not affected by the earthquake. To the south of Santiago, the main highway (Ruta 5) is open but suffered some damages. Journeys south now take longer than expected with some diversions in places. With the high amount of government and military aid traffic on this road, it is expected that the main communication channels will be repaired very quickly.

Vineyard areas:
-- Elqui, Limari – ok, not affected
-- Aconcagua – very limited damage in some vineyards
-- Casablanca – ok (no reports so far)
-- San Antonio – ok, (no reports so far)
-- Maipo – very limited damage in some vineyards
-- Cachapoal – affected in some areas
-- Colchagua – affected
-- Curico – affected
-- Maule – affected
-- Bio Bio – no report so far

All of the vineyards are now accessible and we are looking forward to business resuming with them in April. [...]”

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